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About Us

Under the Vietnam Law on Enterprise, in 2003 Cat Vu registered its official licensed Private Limited Liability company. Based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, Cat Vu is a Vietnamese trading company operating as a sales agent and a distributor for machinery and test consumables used in textile, garment and shoes. Beside, in collaboration with reputable companies on the international level, Cat Vu is the trustworthy importer in the field of basic chemicals. Since 2003, Cat Vu’s focus has been on providing high quality products with value-added service; yet in the most professional and dedicated manner that strives to satisfy its customer needs and expectations. Within 10 years of operation, the company has grown a significant number of suppliers in various fields. Meanwhile, in order to obtain the highest-quality products and to foster a diverse supplier base, Cat Vu has been constantly looking for more suppliers around the world.

With highly-skilled and motivated sales and service teams working closely with clients; Cat Vu aims to become one of the top distributors and suppliers in the field of test consumables in the Vietnam market.

The company’s main activities are:
- Supply of test equipment, parts and test consumables for textile and garment industry
- Supply of various basic chemicals and industry machineries including mixers, agitators, fitration system, steam turbine etc.


“With our philosophy of continual improvements for mutual benefits, we are dedicated to delivering high quality products and services to our clients.”

Loi Hoang — Director

Our Functionalities

Since its establishment, Cat Vu’s main activities are to deliver services, raw materials, spare parts, chemicals, machinery and engineering equipments for the textile and garment industry in Vietnam. The company also specializes in supplying of testing consumables for not only the textile and garment field, but also for the shoes industry. Cat Vu represents various leading manufacturers of industrial equipments from Australia, India, Japan, United Kingdom and the United States.

For test consumables

Cat Vu is the official distributor for SDC Enterprises, the British leading manufacturer of test consumables for textile-garment and shoes industries. Cat Vu has its owned stock of test consumables in Ho Chi Minh City to serve its clients based daily needs.

For chemicals

Cat Vu buys and re-sells into the Vietnam market a various kind of basic chemicals; with high volumes including Solid Sulfur, Aluminum Hydroxide, Acid Sulphuric, etc.

For machinery, parts and testing equipment for textile-garment & shoes industry

  • Dunline (USA) : Rubber Belt for sanforising and compacting machines
  • Tandematic (USA) : Decurlers, guiding system
  • US Supply (USA) : Needled felt, Drying Conveyor
  • SDC ENTERPRISE (UK) : Test consumables
  • Colour Smith (UK) : Test machinery
  • Richard Hough (UK): Calendar rolls and Squeezing rolls for textile manufacturing
  • GTE (Hong Kong) : Snap button tester, various testers and test consumables
  • Mullen Bursting Tester ( USA)

For machinery & parts for other application in filtering, mixing, and steam turbine

  • CEM International (Australia) : Filtration system for Alumina Hydrate, mixers and agitators
  • Ishigaki Company Limited (Japan) : Filter Press
  • Skinner Power System (USA) : Steam Turbine up to 1 MW
  • Biogreen Energy System ( India): Services to Steam Turbine of Skin Power System
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